Media Kit 2014




Downloadable Literature Prospect List

What is

The former KADY Television Channel that started in Oxnard in the 1980's, moved to Camarillo in the 1990's and moved to the INTERNET in 2008 has just launched the new Ventura County Public Broadcasting Network .

How is Supported

By the generous SPONSORSHIP of Local Business Owners that support

What is

  • A VIDEO Business Directory promoting locally owned businesses in Ventura County.
  • Message is to encourage local residents to support locally owned businesses
Are there any Qualifications to be in
  • Business Owner must be a Ventura County resident
What Initial Categories will be promoted in
  • Restaurants
  • Day Spas
  • Entertainment & Sports Venues


  • Network Sponsor on
  • Network Sponsor on the Ventura County High School Sports Network

  • Social Networks....Facebook. Twitter

  • POP Displays & handouts at Business Location
  • Word of Mouth from the Auctions
  • What is
  • Every City in VC now has it's own Community Channel on the NETWORK
  • Every High School ( in Ventura County has their own "Broadcast Channel" on the NETWORK
  • The Education Network already includes the VCOE, Oxnard College, Ventura College CSUCI & CLU Broadcast Channels.
  • The Non Profit Network within the NETWORK has already created the Food Share Channel, the CI Maritime Musenum, the Gull Wings Children's Museum Channel and many more to come.
  • We are in the process of starting the Spiritual Network and plan to offer a Broadcast Channel on the NETWORK to "Stream" services to those who cannot be there in person
  • What will the MESSAGE be?
  • Support LOCALLY OWNED businesses......they are owned by your neighbors
  • What will we do for your Restaurant or Day Spa?
  • Create a short Infomercial introducing you, the owner
  • Create a Webpage in with Video, contact information, directions and map
  •  Provide Content Management System for you  to utilize to their advantage
  • How much will this cost the Restaurant or Day Spa?
  • $50 per week on 6 month contract
  • We will PRINT Ventura County Barter Notes for your Restaurant or Day Spa, with your logo in the Center. click here
  • We will accept those Barter Notes in lieu of Cash Payment for your Advertising Invoice.
  • You will receive a monthly paid invoice statement for your records.
  • We ask for a six month contract
  • What will we do with the Barter Notes
  • Create a WEEKLY auction on eBay for two (2) $25 Barter Notes totaling $50 per week. Auctions will start at $.99
  • Promote the Auctions through participating Schools and Non Profit Organizations participating in the Program.
  • Encourage residents to participate in the auctions as the NET PROCEEDS of the Auctions will be going to the School or Non Profit selected by the Winning Bidder.

The Ventura County Triangle Offense

  • Residents SUPPORT locally owned businesses
  • Locally owned businesses SUPPORT the Schools & Non Profits Broadcasting on the NETWORK
  • Schools and Non Profits contribute in helping promote LOCALLY owned businesses and through Community Service for Residents

it's why we call it:     "THE EVERYONE WINS AUCTION"