Address:  3201 Camino Del Sol    Oxnard  93030
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(805) 983-1773
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Joseph Herzog

8th Generation family Vintner

Herzog Wine Cellars

Nestled within the strawberry fields and farm rows of Oxnard, California lies Herzog Wine Cellars. Here, under the watchful eye of head winemaker Joe Hurliman, the winery combines the artisan craft of premium California winemaking with the Herzog family’s unyielding commitment to excellence.

Select grapes produced specifically for Herzog wines are chosen from vineyards in California's most regarded appellations. Grown under careful watch, only the best fruits are harvested and brought to the winery. From here, Joe Hurliman searches out inspiring blends of aroma, flavors and colors, refined by the winery into masterful creations to be enjoyed across the globe.

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