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Letter of Introduction

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February  2013

TO: Your Restaurant”

From: Bob Allen

RE: Advertising has been branded well enough in the local community that we can now start to look for means to financially make it sustainable.

Here is our “Outside the Box” solution during these tough economic times.

·         We are creating a Video Business Directory for locally owned businesses in Ventura County, such as yours.

·         We are categorizing businesses and starting by focusing on local Restaurants and Day Spa businesses in Ventura County.

·         We will create a Profile Page in our new Video Business Directory for your Restaurant. Here is an example. Take a look.

·         Naturally, we would like to do a new video, more up to date and featuring you letting viewers know why they should come to “Your Restaurant”. Similar to the one we did for Fox Sports Grill which you can also watch on

· will be the prime sponsor on the new High School Sports Network  (HSSN. tv) we are developing in collaboration with the VCOE and the OUHSD presently. will also be the prime sponsor on all broadcasts on

·         Here is where we step “Your Restaurant”

·         Rather than ask for real dollars as payment for advertising in this environment, we will ask you to accept $50 per week of “Your Restaurant” BARTER NOTES like those shown below

 The results are that you are sure to get a potential customer for your investment. The $50 is advertising cost and fully deductible.

·         We in turn, are now going to create a Weekly Ventura County Auction on eBay and let visitors and residents bid on these Barter Notes that have your logo.

·         To bring in the rest of the community, we are going to send the NET Proceeds of the auctions to various .ORG Community Members….to be selected by the winning bidder to support those residents in need.

I hope this was clear enough. Using the KISS principle, let’s make sure:

·         We promote “Your Restaurant”  as part of

·         You pay us by accepting $50 per week in “Your Restaurant” Barter Notes

·         We arrange and handle the weekly auctions ….from start to finish

·         Net proceeds will be distributed to VC .ORG Community Members

I call this “The Everyone Wins Auction”….

Thanks for taking the time to read this and look at our links. We certainly hope you will join us in getting this Auction Program started.


Bob Allen, COO