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Memorandum of Understanding 

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From:    Bob Allen, COO

RE: Restaurant Auctions on eBay

The Mission at is to broadcast the following message as often as possible.

SUPPORT A LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESS ……they could be your neighbor

To help you, a local Restaurant Owner in Ventura County, broadcast your message to our viewing audience during these difficult economic times, agrees to do the following::

  • Create a short infomercial about your establishment and promote it in our Video Business Directory, & on our YouTube Channel

  • Offer you access to that Video for use in your Social Media marketing programs

  • Create a Web Page in to include contract information, map and content section controlled by you.

Payment for this sponsorship, will be the acceptance of $50 per week in Ventura County Barter Notes with your restaurant logo on it such as the sample below:

The Barter Notes will Auctioned as part of our weekly Ventura County Auction on eBay.

The winning bidder will then select a Partner from the .ORG Community to receive the net proceeds from the auction.

Point of Purchase materials will be provided to your restaurant to help promote the weekly Ventura County Online Auction.

You agree to the following:

  • Provide $100 gift certificate to create the Infomercial and start the auction process

  • You agree to provide one (1) $50 Gift Certificate per week for a six (6) month period beginning the month the 1st of the next month after signing agreement.

Agreed to this _____________day of __________


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